Stop misleading the public, Museveni bitter at Dr. Besigye.

Museveni and Besigye.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today August, 12, 2021 warned Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye on issues of Covid-19 and asked him to stop misleading the public.

While on the international youth day celebrations at kololo, President Yoweri kaguta museveni warns the former presidential candidate and former FDC president Rt.Col.DR. Kizza Besigye to stop misleading the country on schools lockdown in the wake of Covid-19.

President museveni sited that the major problem with schools reopening is that majority of the schools are day schools where students study and go back home thus infecting their parents and relatives with Covid-19.

It should be remembered that while basing at the Forum For Democratic Party (FDC) premises on Katonga road in Kampala last week, Dr Besigye advised the government to lift the schools lockdown and vaccinate all the teachers prior to the reopeniing of schools because Covid-19 will not go easily.

Dr.Besigye further emphasized that keeping schools under a lock down would cost Uganda’s young generation too much.

However, president museveni thanked Dr.besigye for the brilliant idea of vaccinating the teachers and students but sited that Besigye should know that most schools are not boarding schools.

He also promised the youths in the country that there will be a special fund for them to enhance job creation and that the finance minister would elaborate on this.

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