“You don’t feed my family leave me alone” Jose Chameleon tells Bobi Wine.

Robert Kyagulanyi and Joseph Mayanja.

All is not well between the two legendary artists ever since Bobi wine’s NUP denied chameleon the party ticket to contest for the Lord Mayorship in the just concluded elections.

The rift between the two artists come politicians widened further ever since Jose Chameleon together with other artists went to Gulu to meet Gen Museveni’s brother who is also the Operation wealth creation Director Gen Salim Saleh.

The unhappy Bobi wine took the matter to his Social media platforms where he painted artist as betrayers for going to get money from Gen Saleh yet the rest of Ugandans are suffering.

Today the heavy weight chameleon has come out to clear the air saying that first of all its not Bobi wine who controls his head neither does he feed his family.

Chameleon has added that Kyagulanyi doesn’t owe him anything and thus should stop his stories of blackmail. The furious chameleon also said that he has seen a picture on social media where Bobi wine was pausing with Gen Saleh and asked whether Kyagulanyi had also gone to beg.

Chameleon further adds that Kyagulanyi was traversing the whole country begging people to vote for him, asking why he didn’t just stay at home and waited for voting day.

Chameleon also stung the NUP leader whom he accused of going out of the country to beg from foreigners and thus should stop envying who ever is looking for bread to feed his family.

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