Lumbuye is a state agent sponsored by Museveni — Tamale Mirundi.

A one talkative political analyst Tamale Mirundi has added salt to the wounds of Nup supporters especially Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye diehards who are working hard and praying tirelessly  so that he may not be repatriated by saying that Lumbuye is state funded and he maybe in state house together with General Museveni  enjoying dinner.

While appearing on a TV show, Controversial Mirundi said that if Lumbuye was controlled by opposition wing he wouldn’t be living in Turkey instead he could  seek for political asylum in the USA or Britain. “If Lumbuye is handled by the real opponents of the government he wouldn’t be in Turkey, Lumbuye would be in America or Britain”. He said.

Mirundi added that the social media General “Lumbuye” could easily get political protection from the USA and Britain and his children could be educated in best schools, this means that he has been happily sustained by the government of Uganda. Mirundi went ahead and said that the opposition wing of Nup has been siding with him unknowingly.

The internet and media houses in Uganda were surrounded by the news of arrest of a toxic government critic Fred Kajjubi  Lumbuye who was allegedly arrested on Tuesday 3rd, August 2021 in Turkey. Different news sources have been indicating that he was to be deported today, august, 7, 2021 at 9am however, he was nowhere to been seen on the pearl of African land.

Lumbuye’s whereabouts remains mystery. We shall keep you updated.

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