Nup sends a team of lawyers to Turkey to fight for their General Lumbuye.

Hon Zaake Francis on depudeparture.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) sent a delegation to Turkey yesterday on 4th, August, led by  MP Zaake Francis Butebi to establish how they can help the detained NUP Social Media General Fred Lumbuye aka Chemical Ali who was netted on Tuesday 3rd, August, by the Interpol.

Zaake who went as a delegation leader vowed to fight for the rights of Lumbuye with his main target to make sure that Lumbuye is not brought to the hands of his enemies to be charged for any offense.

Zaake was accompanied by NUP legal team such as lawyers who are ready to display their superiority about  International laws that prohibit countries from extraditing political opponents of seating governments no matter the circumstance.

Lumbuye was arrested and paperwork for his repatriation to Uganda is being worked on where he is expected to answer charges of spreading hate, baseless propaganda, insulting the head of state among others.

According to some of his close people, Lumbuye has been on wanted list of Turkish government for illegally over staying in the country without renewing his documents, and he is likely to be deported according to the laws.

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