How Bobi Wine’s brother led to the arrest of Fred Lumbuye.

Lumbuye and Bobi Wine’s brother Mikie Wine.

Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye a staunch NUP supporter and with a big following on Social media was fond of spreading baseless rumors attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with Bobi wine.

Few weeks ago the government started tiptoeing Lumbuye in Turkey after the  External Security Organization (ESO) gathered enough information about his being.

According to inner sources within CMI and ESO, Lumbuye was tracked through one of his girlfriends whom she met a few days ago. A one Mary (not real names) was tiptoed as she boarded a train to reach a small town where Lumbuye stayed in a one roomed house which he had turned into a social media base to attack the government of Gen Museveni.

In June, government tried to track Lumbuye through intercepting calls he had with Bobi Wine’s brother Mikie Wine in Turkey, but their meeting gave them a link after an ESO operative spotted them in one of the restaurants in Istanbul.

Mike Wine hardly knew he was tiptoed as he left Entebbe for Turkey landing NUP social Media General into trouble.

Information from highly trusted sources also adds that many HighTech gadgets were found last night in Lumbuye’s room with suspicion that he must have been in contact with so many regime change sponsors.

The Turkish authorities have not yet published a statement about Lumbuye’s arrest neither the Uganda Embassy in Turkey but the NUP die hard is expected to be repatriated back to Uganda a few days to come.

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