Prime minister Nabbanja arrests 6 from her office.

Edith Nakalema-anti-corruption unit and Luke Owoyesigyire.

Colonel  Edith Nakalema the state house anti corruption unit officer has confirmed that they have arrested 6 officers from the office of the prime minister for procurement and supplying of substandard relief  items to the people of kasese that were affected by the floods of river Nyamwamba. Nakalema says that they handed them to the police.

The female prime minister Uganda has ever had Rtd Robbinah Nabbanja rejected these substandard items and ordered immediate investigations into the matter and commanded that they should be taken back to Kampala and procure quality items.

The Kampala metropolitan police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the arrest, he said they conducted investigations on how these items were procured and other follow-ups. Owoyesigyire added that other 5 officers are on hunt.

The arrested include internal auditor Henry Agaba Tumwine, accounting officer Godfrey Kayima, Commissioner for disaster and preparedness Rose Nakabugo and Easter Odongo the procurement officer. The suppliers of the items were also put on tensions and questioned on the process how they secured the contracts.

Prime minister Nabbanja after rejecting these substandard items received threats from the people who were not happy with her bravery way of curbing corruption. The police say that investigations are ongoing as these 6 are prepared to face the courts of law.

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