Odrek Rwabogo fires to Mirundi “That man is mad”.

Odrik Rwabogo.

Presidential Advisor on Special duties who also doubles as Son-in-law to President Museveni, Mr Odrek Rwabogo has lost his cool this time responding to the continuous allegations by Mr Tamale Mirundi about his behaviors.

Odrek Rwabogo has termed Mirundi to be a mad man who deserves to be in Butabika mental hospital.

Rwabogo a prominent businessman and motivational speaker in Uganda has for long been a prey to Tamale’s attacks who claim that Rwabogo master minded his dismissal from State house as the Presidential Press Secretary.

Tamale Mirundi has also always been saying that Rwabogo is planning to succeed President Museveni through taking control of the ‘Mafia group’ which is in control of the state affairs.

Rwabogo response was short only saying that Mirundi’s head needs to be checked and that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Mirundi walking naked on the streets one day.

Rwabogo adds that he advises Mirundi to sue him to the courts of law and letter prove his allegations. Rwabogo also went ahead to blame the media that gives Mirundi air to talk and publish such allegations.

“I was told that he said he had audio recordings of me in a meeting talking about the cell of human organs. That man is mad. His head has a problem. Let him bring the evidence or sue me to the courts of law.” Rwabogo roared.

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