Trouble for Bobi Wine as Mpuuga eyes his seat to run as president 2026

Bobi Wine and Mathias Mpuuga.

Many political analysts saw a lot of bad days coming for Kyagulanyi ever since he decided to galvanize the former DP bloc and Suubi group into his new party.

Too many, the DP bloc and Suubi group have left all places they came from disorganized and destroyed with DP and Go forward being among the recent last.

It has now become more clear that the leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga is preparing to challenge Kyagulanyi for the NUP Presidential ticket for the 2026 polls. The rumor is being sponsored by the former Suubi group that are fattening Mpuuga’s ability to take over from a young Kyagulanyi who built his party using his musical influence and ghetto background that many loved especially by the poor people who see him as their own.

The Internal boiling coup was however detected earlier by Kyagulanyi’s inner circle who have started looking at the former DP bloc Suubi group with double lenses.

An inside source says that it’s the reason why most of them were not given big influential positions in the party as a means of amputating their influence.

Inside sources say it is the reason why Kyagulanyi trusted his top seat with Hon Nambeshe from the far east as he left for the United States for official duties.

Our trusted sources also confirmed that the Suubi group have so many other hidden agendas that they have failed to put on the NUP table with capturing the party as one of them.

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