FDC’s Ssemujju apologizes to minister Muyingo in front of the house.

Kira municipality Mp Hon Ssemujju Nganda.

Kira Municipality Member of parliament (MP) Hon Ssemuju has been forced to apologize to the state minister for Higher Education Hon. Chrysestom Muyingo over an insult.

Hon Ssemujju Nganda a Kira Municipality legislator who is known for his boldness, brave talks and condemns especially to the NRM party members, he has this time accepted the defeat.

Hon. Ssemujju was ordered to apologize to State Minister for Higher Education Hon John Chrysestom Muyingo whom he had referred to as a personal assistant to the First Lady Janet Museveni  who is also the Minister for education and sports because he always represents her in parliament.

Under pressure, Ssemujju had nothing to do but to apologize in front of the whole house (parliament). “I apologize to the minister to the extent I offended him. I will never do it again. Ssemujju humbly said”.

The ministry of education and sports is expected to release the 2020 UCE exams on Friday, July, 30, 2021, and it is Janet museveni who is going to release them basing on her tweet on Twitter.

Janet K Museveni
“Good morning fellow Ugandans. I will release the 2020 UCE results this Friday, the 30th of July 2021 at 12pm, and it will be live on all major TV and radio stations. Please tune in”. She tweeted.

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