Buried baby resurrects shocks the residents in Kasese.

Grave where the premature baby was buried.

Kasese: Shock has covered the residents of Kyoga village, Bukonzo west in kasese district after a buried premature is said to have resurrected and found lying in the bed.

Eliza Mbambu 40, had a miscarriage after 5 months and half and the body was buried in the box on Monday, surprisingly after one day to wake up she found the body lying inside the house on the bed. This alarmed the mourners and relatives who came to witness the rare incident.

The husband of Mbambu Mr Batrimao Yengayenga also narrated how they soulfully buried their premature baby, but they’re puzzled how this can happen because it is the same baby they had buried that they found lying on the bed.

Mr Adnan Muhindo The chairperson of the Village said that they rag the police of Bwera to allow them dig the grave to confirm if they had buried the body or not, they dug the grave and found the box empty with only the cloth.

The residents of the village attached the incident to witchcraft, satanic and devil occurrence saying that they have never heard it before, However the chairperson Mr Muhindo believes that due to hurry the body was not put in the box.

By the time the police of Bwera arrived at the scene, the Asp Joseph Ayesiga confirmed the incident and asked the mother and the father to record the statement, the body was taken to the police as the investigations are ongoing.

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