“Bobi Wine is busy begging for money in the US to complete his mansions.” Tamale Mirundi Jr.

Tamale Mirundi Jr and Bobi Wine before he left the party.

Former National Unity Platform (NUP) proponent Tamale Mirundi Junior the son of the controversial Tamale Mirundi has turned firing artillery to NUP Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine the former Presidential candidate.

Mirundi Jr was sympathizing for NUP supporters who keep shouting and attacking him for leaving the party, saying that they better find means of feeding their families other than blowing hot air towards him because the struggle was betrayed long time ago by greedy NUP leaders. Upon leaving the party his father Tamale Mirundi warned him of not joining the ruling party NRM.

Mirundi Jr says that Hon Kyagulanyi is busy begging money from gay communities oversees to build and complete some of his mansions, yet his supporters are dying of hunger while others are rotting in prisons.

Mirundi Jr adds that Kyagulanyi deceived the Ugandans by saying that he could unseat president 
Museveni and his government through the use of ballot paper or riots as his plan B but all failed.

Mirundi jr continued and said that he can never and will never be bothered by uneducated people he termed as street talkers who are only making a lot of noise but lack knowledge of what politics is about.

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