Singer Kazibwe Kappo accused of denying a baby.

Kazibwe Kappo and Gorret Uwase.

A one lady Gorret Uwase has come out to accuse a “Kadongokamu Singer” Kazibwe Kappo for neglecting his child for the period of one year.

It all started when Kazibwe kappo and other artistes had gone to perform in Nakasongola district where she met a bar waitress called Gorret Uwase at a certain guest house where they (singers) slept, Kazibwe entangled with her, and they had a one-night stand. The following day kappo and other artistes left the place, but the lady remained with Kazibwe’s contact, after a few weeks she discovered that she was pregnant.

Gorret Uwase and her child.

Uwase decided to ring on Kazibwe’s number, but she didn’t let him know that she was heavy at the first place, and the communication was okay, she later informed him how she was pregnant and Kazibwe denied the pregnancy insisting that she was already pregnant before having affairs with him and advised her to abort.

However, she decided to struggle but to hell with abortion, when nine months elapsed she delivered a baby boy Kazibwe continued to deny fathering of the baby, after two weeks the baby fell sick, and she decided to contact him again all was in vain, he started switching off the phone continuously whenever he was contacted.

It is the police that intervened and rang to Kazibwe, he then sent her some amount of money twice, since then she has not sent her anything again.

The ‘’ Emundu naza ku Ggombolol” singer denied knowing the lady when we contacted him. Uwase cries to anyone who can help her because she has no food, she has no job, and she is being evicted from the house because she has not paid rent since August 2020, she is demanding for justice her innocent baby who is now one year and two months old.

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