Birthday surprise makes Lydia Jazmine cry loud.

Lydia Jazmine surprised with brand new car.

Singer Lydia Jazmine surprised with a brand-new car on her 30th birthday. Born Lydia Nabawanuka on July, 27, 1991 in Masaka district.

Jazimine was celebrating a scientific 30th birthday yesterday at Serena hotel in Kampala and all was going normal until she got a surprise of a brand new car Mercedes-Benz from her manager Ronnie Mulindwa, this moment made her run crazy and cried.

The “Masuuka” hit maker was extremely astonished with the gift and thanked her manager Ronnie for being a good manager. “When you work hard and be patient every good thing will definitely find you, If I wanted anything I can get it, but I don’t want to get them in obscure ways I want everything in light and I deserved it” she said. However the birthday girl had no birthday boy because she says that she single and happy.

The party had few celebrities and this transpired questions on social media platforms why fellow artists didn’t celebrate with her, the only spoted renown artist was Mr. Lee the B2C member.

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  1. Since I have just got this news, I can’t wait to say to my fellow musician Lydia Jasmine that Happy birthday to you may God Almighty give you what you want this new year of yours madam. From dangerdizel1@gmail.com_ Danger Dizel Uganda

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