Pupil pens down a suicide note before committing suicide over poor performance in PLE Exams.

Daphne Kimuli found hanging over harassment and poor performance in PLE Exams.

Hoima: The residents of kinubi village in Hoima East division were shocked by the death of a pupil identified as Daphne Kimuli aged 15 years who committed suicide by hanging on a jack fruit tree. Police confirmed the death of Kimuli, and it is investigating the incident under which this girl committed suicide.

The deceased was a pupil at Bwikya Muslim primary school in Hoima district, and she was among the pupils who completed the 2019 Primary leaving Examinations (PLE).

According to the Albertine region police spokesperson Mr. Julius Hakiza, Kimuli ascribed her cause of death to people she called her enemies, the family said that she disappeared from home three days after Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) released the PLE results in which it’s alleged that she was not pleased with her scores which was 28 aggregates.

KImuli penned down a suicide note which she referred as a will, and it reads:

“Kimuli’s will.

I’m killing myself because I’m tired of people why! What I’m seeing many people are my enemy I can’t stay alive with this enemy belongs to my sister, brothers, nephews, cousins, nices, uncles, and some called madam Jesica. Jesca is my best enemy and this is why I have killed myself. I’m tired of him too much live many years in this world your almighty my money which are with shamina live to my parents only they are 10,000 and my things which are shared with my sister only.

Why can I stay alive when I’m learning badly they talk about me, I don’t want to let me leave this world earlier all live for many years. See you when you die also but don’t kill yourself also those who never want me now I have gone. You madam jesca you will not live for many years you talked me too much words you will see if your God your escorting me. I’m going now I’m tired” she wrote.

The investigations by Hoima police has captured two people and they have been arrested, one of the arrested suspect was allegedly found with this suicide note which she kept without alerting the family of the deceased instead presenting it after kimuli’s death. This suspect uttered that it was given to her by Kimuli. The two suspects are currently held at Hoima central police.

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