Mukono Int’l hospital Doctor succumbs to covid 19, Hospital asks for 90 million from Family.

The late Dr. Kizito who succumbed to covid-19.

The deceased is Dr. Isma Kizito, 36 who has  been working at  Mukono International Hospital as a radiologist as well as proprietor of this hospital and has been a known medical personnel in Mukono municipality. He was recently rushed to one of the top Kampala hospitals after contracting Covid-19. His situation later worsened and was put into the life support of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he died after.

The hospital immediately notified his family and demanded for  90 million shillings before his body was handed over to them. The family was able to collect 30 millions which they paid to the hospital. Later they came with 20 millions which the hospital rejected saying that they had to pay the full remaining balance to take Kizito’s body.

The hospital has also given the family of the deceased an option of giving them the land title of the deceased’s home in exchange for the uncleared balance. The situation has raised concern in Mukono with the area MP Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke getting involved in the matter to see how the situation can be sorted.

“The hospital has refused even receiving the part payment and told the relatives to surrender the land tittle of the deceased’s home. “I’m giving this hospital seven hours counting from 12:30 am to reconsider their decision. Suppose Isma had survived would you have required him to pay a billion shillings?” Nambooze questioned.

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