4 Children abandoned by parents for 3 years.

4 Children one in their house abandoned by their parents for 3 years.

4 children have tasted the wrath of the poverty at a young age these children were abandoned by their parents almost 4 years ago. Residents have tried to help them, but they have reached to their maximum due the lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

The innocent children were left in very dangerous house made by old iron sheets full of holes in Namiyonza village, Kasangombe Sub county Nakaseke district. According to the elder child Susan Nasuuna aged 16, their parents left them when she was 13 years, and she has been the head of the family ever since.

“Our mother left mysteriously, When I came back from the school I never found her at home and after few days our father told us that he’s going to look for money, but time has elapsed he hasn’t returned” Nasuna sadly said.

The worst part of it is that they left an infant of one (1) year named as Eric who is now four (4) years, and it has been the greatest challenge to raise him without any basic needs. “Hunger is the order of the day feeding on sugarless tea most of the time, sleeping on the floor for 3 year, When it rains they stand in house corners until it stops raining” living on edges of the world.

The merciful residents of Namiyonza have been trying to help these children with food, but they have also run out of food due to the 42-day lockdown, and they can longer afford to be helpful.

The chairperson of the village Mr. Bony Kabuye said that they have played what they can, and it seems the children need further assistance especially building them a better house. Kabuye asked the government to intervene and save these innocent children.  

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