Museveni’s top blogger Ashburg beaten by security and left toothless.

Ashburg katoo .

Bobi Wine’s defector who turned to Yellow boy Ashburg katto  left toothless after security officers on duty beating him up badly for violating curfew hours.

Directives know no party, NRM’s top blogger and propagandist Ashburg Kato tested the wrath of the very government he has always been defending.

Kato was grabbed in embarrassement and manhandled by O.C of Post Office Police Post (Atwasa Gilbert) beating him up with the help of the other officers on duty also damaging the hired car which Kato was driving.

Kato was grabbed when he was going to UBC TV where had been called to present a National Project about the Climate Change.

adds that he tried to contact people like  Balaam Barugahara  but the officers were not listening to anyone.
Kato also adds that he is hurt because he is being tormented by the very government he defends because they see him as rubbish ever since the election season ended.

“Balaam tried to save me, but they couldn’t talk to him, I called everyone I thought could help me, but they didn’t pick, others couldn’t do much to save a fakini Katto, I am hurt to core, I can’t even forgive myself. I thought I was of a little value to my gov’t I was wrong.” Kato wrote on his official Twitter handle.
“I wish I can die rather than being hurt by my very own…. Thank u 🙏. Thank u, thank u. 🤦‍♂️. How will I even walk on the same streets with these gaps in my teeth God? How 😭😭? Friends, I’m in pain. As in real pain but the doctors at Senta Medical are trying.” He added.

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