Chief magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu is in ICU after attacked by thugs.

Gladys Kamasanyu chief magistrate at Buganda magistrate court.

The newly promoted chief magistrate of Buganda road Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu is reportedly to have been rushed to international Hospital Kampala (IHK) after when she was attacked by iron bar hit men. She was taken to intensive care unit for special treatment since she was in a comma.

Kamasanyu was attacked around Green Hill Academy premises as she had gone to pick her child’s PLE (primary Living Examination) result slip.

In the report from Kampala metropolitan deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, kamasanyu parked her car in the park yard, and she crossed the road to the gate, the school guard rejected her permission inside school. The guard told her they do not need any parents inside school and as she was heading back, three motorcycle men that were allegedly following her, one of the thugs kicked her, and she fell face down. They kicked and hit her so badly and took off some of her items such as a phone and hand bag.

Owoyesigyire noted that kamasanyu was rushed to (IHK) hospital where she was admitted to by press time. The judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani said that she was out in Comma, but she has a promising recovery mood.

This case was reported to Kabalagala police station and the police is under investigations with the help of surveillance cameras to find who these thugs were.

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