Slay queen steals a baby after aborting pregnancy.

Shakira Nakito the lady who stole a baby.

Slay queen Shakira Nakito 27 steals a baby boy from its mother Betty Namale in Nampirika village, Nakarama sub county Iganga district. Nakito with a 6 months pregnancy separated with her husband Badru and fled to Iganga town where she teamed up with other slay Queens and decided to abort after claiming herself not to produce anymore.

Furthermore, she richly joined and found a peer of origin of all bad vices where she started enjoying life, sleeping with different men and engaging young boys into sexual affairs, eating chips and chicken every time.

Baby that was stolen.

Individuals in Nampirika started hating her because of her disguising behaviors as well as men who used to have intercourses with her. They rejected her because of her ill and unbearable behaviors of which they could not hold anymore.

According to the police Nakito thought of going back to her husband Badru who is alleged to have put terms and conditions on her in case if she wanted to return to him. He told her to come with his baby since she went pregnant. This might be the reason behind her stealing Namala’s baby.

Nakito looked up in the sky to find ladders to get to reach where to hold, and she found no quick route to gain her achievement and diverted thoughts on how to trick one of the mothers with infants so that she could get what to present to her husband.

Nakito found ways to persuade Namala, she tricked her that there was a sheikh in Iganga who could circumcise her baby for free and the mother sent one of her children to seek for permission from the father who accepted the baby mama’s request. And as Namala went into the house to pick baby’s cloths, napkin and a mask, and on her way outside the house she didn’t find her and the baby. The thief ‘Nakito’ disappeared with the baby.

The mother reported a case to police and the police spokesperson Mr Mubi said Nakito was found in Napirika, and she had already bought clothes for this baby. She is now held under police custody in Iganga police station.

You can watch the video here:

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