Talkative Mirundi Junior quits Nup.

Mirundi Junior with the president of Nip Bobi Wine.

The outspoken Tamale mirundi Junior (son to Former senior presidential advisor Tamale Mirundi) has come out to bring it to the attention of the public that he has left the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Mirundi  further more expressed his perception about the Ssentamu brothers parading Mansions in such times, the struggle is still on, people are broke, broken and are living a complex life it’s not bad to post your personal achievement but for now what they’re doing is not good for the career, politics is perception it’s not relevant for them to post such”.  Mirundi started supporting NUP when the party had just been named NUP from NURP, he (Tamale mirundi Junior) is now for having spoken good about the “people power struggle” and criticizing the NRM government for its failures.

Him joining the red wing triggered inquiries about his prior life with his father, at the time Mr mirundi revealed that his son is free to join where he wants since he (Senior Mirundi) also supports NRM and the mom sides with DP. Tamale Mirundi Junior said he ain’t joining NRM or any other party, but he has parted ways with the red camp, and he is concentrating on being a political analyst for now.

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