Clash of the titans: England vs Italy for the 2020 Euro finals at Wembley.

Euro 2020 England vs Italy at Wembley stadium.

Finally, the English  will battle with Italians at Wembley Stadium, London on  July,11, 2021 for the EURO Final 2020, following England’s win over Denmark,   Denmark Scored an opener through Mikkel Dassmgaard in the 30th minute.

However, things went wrong for Erikson’s side when Simon kjaer netted himself before half time taking the tally to 1-1,  until the extra time England got a controversial penalty and Skipper Harry Kane took it but schemeical stopped him sending the home crowd into silence for seconds even tho the efforts weren’t enough he (Kane) re tapped it inside, 2-1 full-time score.

In a match that is highly anticipated! Italy has not won any major title in years and this is England’s first final in years too. Discussions sparked off inference to the penalty that was handed to England following Raheem Sterling’s dive, VAR surprised everyone after it falsely issued its verdict! A wake-up call to Italy that it needs to do its homework very well ahead of the forthcoming game against the English. The two teams have gone head to head 27times.

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