LDC pinned, over 90% students’ failure.


Law development Center (LDC) has been facing questions over the actual cause of the never before failure rate of students which mounted to 90.1% of the 1474, letting only 9% (147) of students to graduated, unlike the prior years, this time round the failure rate of 90.1% has surprised many law-assocites, academia’s and the public.

The unending talks went inflames after a reasonable number of students didn’t appear on the final list of which the same list had invalid students, an indicator that there must have been an elephant in the room.

Students ever since then expressed their discomfort with the way issues are being subjected!.
Few weeks after the main graduation, LDC issued out a list which then  surprised many showing facts  that some students were eligible to graduate and some had failed 1-2 course units than the initial projected results. All these loopholes have been echoed by the students and a worrying factor of students having to pay close to 1 m for the failed papers posing a question of whether the LDC has turned into a money generating ground.

In August last year, the LDC council scrapped off re-entry examinations  which LDC director Frank Othembi said that this might have had a hand in the failure rate because the students admitted were not up to standard  while Nicholas Opiyo (City Renown human rights lawyer) however, said that the failure rate could be explained by the online lectures that were conducted in the aftermath of Covid-19 outbreak.

Self interests, transparency or Standards? LDC been projected through and further inquiries are still being made on what truly transpired.

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