Eddy Yawe over the moon as he parades multi billion mansion.

Eddie Yawe’s finished mansion.

The music word went crazy ever since Music producer, songwriter, and singer Eddy Yawe paraded pictures of his finished multi-million Mansions. Eddy Came out to post his house and expressed how his hard work has helped him achieve the big dream.

However, it has become a habit for mzee’ Ssentamu (their Dad) ‘s boys to parade mansions, prior to Eddy yawe, Mikie Wine and Banjo man came out to also revel their finished houses! An action that  represents determination, patience and hard work through noisy makers raised rumors saying they’ve all achieved these by the help of their influential brother Robert kyagulanyi Ssentamu publicaly known as “Bobi wine” even tho They have constantly denied it saying they’ve “work hard” tooth and nail for their success.

Eddie Yawe.

Eddy Yawe,48 (born 1973) is a renown Ugandan Music producer, Writer and businessman, he has successfully without doubt written his name in the books of history since the initial days in the early 1990s, Eddy has been on some of the biggest flavored jams like “Tukigale, Kayemba, Irene, Awangale” among others.

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