Only Gulu and Kira Municipality to receive Nabbanja Money (Covid-19 relief money) today.

Prime minister Rt Robinah Nabbanja. Photo by Np.

While appearing before the Press at the Uganda Media center, Hon Betty Amongi said only “Gulu and Kira municipality” are the only area that have so far submitted their data (list of COVID-19 relief money recipients). Amongi further said  the money will be ready by Thursday this week.

Few weeks ago, Uganda’s Prime minister Hon Robina Nabanja  enthusiastically  disclosed that a given category of people are to receive shs “100,000” to help them survive while In the lockdown! Which attracted the attention of the public.

However, over the days disagreements with in different areas have sparked off inference to the lists issued out as residents allege  that their names are missing, yet anonymous individuals are appearing on these lists which makes them (lists) null and void, an issue that has been reported country wide.

Ragging debates have then aroused inference to “Nabanjya’s money” as it’s projected that the money is sufficient to sustain a family until the lockdown is exhausted. It’s however not clear if the money idea was initiated to divert country men and women, or it’s a genuine effort to help our people. Others political actors suggested that at least each house should receive “200,000” however the suggestions are still in vain.

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