Fille Dumps Kats Music To Join New Management.

Mc Kats and Fille.

The lost and found Fille Mutoni has finally left Kats music, a record label owned by his husband Katamba Edwin aka Mc Kats and officially signed under Maritini entertainment. Fille has been in Kats music since she began her commercial music career with a hit song titled as “ No money”,  

 Fille has joined her friend Babaritah in this record label, and they’re known for their conversational music, on top of that they have already released another callable song titled “Esawa Yona” written by Dr. Brain. Fille has not been performing well musically ever since her husband came out publicly to announce that he is HIV positive.

The Sensational singer said that she didn’t part ways with Kats on bad terms, they sat down together, and he also advised her to join Maritini entertainment record label to elevate her music career. Fille added that unity that is under Maritini forced her to join it.

The “Love again Singer” cried to the government to think about music industry because it’s now two years down without working, yet they pay bills and other necessary needs, She went ahead and praised his baby Daddy (Mc Kats) for sacrifice upon her since day one even when she was still singing at Pastor Kayanja’s Church choir.

However she added that being the fact he is the father of her children, they can’t split completely she said that they communicate every time the children miss their Daddy.

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