NUP’s Big Dogs Miss Out On The Shadow Cabinet List !.

From the left Hon Zaake, Hon Nambozze and Hon Ssegoona missing faces on the shadow cabinet list. Photo by Next Media.

The Opposition has released a list of 30 shadow Cabinet members through its leader of opposition Mathias Mpuga with powers granted to him as the leader of opposition in Article 82A(c) of the constitution. Surprisingly Staunch NUP big dogs from “BUGANDA” have been left out. 

Appointed ministers for the shadow cabinet.

Ssegirinya, Ssegoona, Zaake, Nambozze among others have been trashed out in the shadow cabinet, the dropped individuals seem to have been lost in time after selecting new faces on grounds that they’re experienced.

The harsh reality for few “NUP” members begun recently when the NUP members of Parliament held a decisive meeting which seconded “Muwanga Kivumbi” as the solo candidate on the position of the Chairman for the “BUGANDA PARLIAMENTARY CAUCUS”, a decision which the Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Namboze didn’t agree with, stressing out her reaction, she justified the matter by saying the democracy practiced in NUP not crystal clear, rumors have it that she represented the vast majority who were left out on the fishy positions.

Impacting service delivery the NUP party  has 18 members, FDC 7members, Dp 1member, Independent 1member, UPC 1 member and  PPP 1 member.

Appointed ministers for the shadow cabinet.
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