Make Buyikwe part of Jinja city – NUP’s Morrison Bizitu.

Kawolo hospital in Builwe district.

The national unity platform (NUP) regional co-coordinator, Mr. Morrison Bizitu has today June, 24, 2021 tasked the newly elected members of parliament from Busoga region irrespective of their political parties to pressure the government of Uganda through parliament to make Buyikwe district part of Jinja City.

Following the presidential directive of the inter-district travel ban, many traders and essential workers have not been allowed to cross from Buyikwe to Jinja City which is their place of work.

Bizitu, says the new Jinja City cannot operate without Buyikwe.he adds that the country is in the state of emergency though the president doesn’t admit this.
He further challenged the Jinja task force for Covid 19, to understand the presidential directives especially the inter-district travel ban which he says should only apply at the district boarders not in the jurisdiction of the district.

It should however, be noted that over 60% of Uganda’s population is a hand to mouth population thus the lockdown affecting the middle household incomes.

The cabinet of Uganda in May 2019, approved the creation of 15 cities and Jinja is among the municipalities that were promoted to the city level.

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