Shocking dirty secrets of Former Mp Ssematimba revealed.

Joan Namatovu .

A one Joan Namatovu has publicly come out to uncover dirty secrets over Pastor Peter Ssematimba conduct in the early years, a house girl (by then) Joan Namatovu has brought matters to the public attention that the renown city pastor, Peter Ssematimba has refused to grant her access  to her daughter(name with held). Peter Ssematimba (in documents presented) has summoned Joan and in due time Courts of law shall justify the case which Joan doesn’t agree with.

The Plot,

Joan Namatovu came as a house helper in 2005 in Ssematimba’s residence, as days and nights unfolded! Ssematimba attracted the “House helper” to his master bedroom on grounds that she should scrub her back(body part). In her litany of articulation Ssematimba’s mistress has revealed that the situation went from bad to worse when Ssematimba’s Legitimate wife left for America with the children.

The “super FM CEO” made it a habit of inviting his house girl in his room while in Adam’s suit. “He used to tell me to massage and scrub his back, after a while he would further more tell me to remove my clothes, I did it because I did want to lose my job”.

Notably, eventually these two under a mutual consent started having sex together which resulted into “unwanted pregnancy”.  It’s here that Namatovu tipped Pastor Ssematimba about her status however things got contrary Ssematimba wasn’t happy about it, he then suggested that the Namatovu should get rid of baby, in her conscious she says she left and went to her sister’s place in Mukono after a period of 3months, she issued out a phone call to Pastor peter/ baby Daddy  notifying him that she is still baring his child.

In 2009 up to 2019 the two had then started residing together with the baby in an illegal relationship however she parted ways with Peter due to his treatment towards her, Joan states that pastor Ssematimba is a “womanizer” and He can’t raise “a girl” child appropriately. She is further more talked about the misunderstanding she had with her baby daddy over the name to be given to the child.


While appearing at a gossip TV show “Uncut” Joan narrated her heart wrenching experience with Ssematimba, it’s here that she apologized in tears to Pr Ssematimba’s Legal wife, children and the  world at large for having held an affair with Pr. Ssematimba.

Joan who started as a house girl in 2005 later Ssematimba’s baby mom has cried out to various legal organizations and called upon individuals who can issue out legal help to her inference to her being restricted from me seeing her daughter.

Joan says that she had kept everything on the  low  since Ssematimba was getting ready for the 2021 polls (where he contested and failed as Busiro South Mp) which according to her, it was never to her intent to expose him.

Playing cat and mouse, Pastor Ssematimba hasn’t come out to clarify on the issues at hand however as all sources indicated, Ssematimba’s is the biological father of the child.

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