Bobi Wine’s head of lawyers Wameli hospitalized in USA.

Anthony Wameli in Boston health center for medications.

Bobi wine’s head of lawyers known as Anthony wameli of Wameli and company advocates was rushed to the USA for further better medications after suffering from stomach complications.

National Unity Platform Party (NUP) camp is under tasting time as the head of their legal department Anthony Wameli suffered from stomach related complications and flown to United States for better medications after failed treatment in local hospitals.

Anthony Wameli who is receiving medications from Boston health center  found in Boston city in the state of  Massachusetts has comforted NUP supporters and urged to continue playing for him because he is still feeling a lot of pain. Wameli was first taken to St. Anthony medical center in kasangati wakiso district due to the related complications, but the doctors couldn’t do anything.

Wameli under his law firm Wameli and Company  Advocates was among the lawyers who withdrew Bobi wine’s case of vote rigging against H. E Yoweri Museveni. Here video is the video.

Wameli in hospital.

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