“We warned them”-Police says over the Muyenga Stone quarry collapse.

Four(4) people were confirmed dead in a fetal land accident yesterday June, 15, 202, at 1pm in  a stone quarry located in a city suburb  Muyenga Bukasa a  caved in leaving deaths behind.

Business was brought to a stand still after land covered 4 people. Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire  said “The cliff caved in and boulders collapsed on seven people and four died on the spot. Three others survived with injuries. The bodies of the deceased were taken to the mortuary as another team continued to search the area to ensure that no one is still buried in the rubble,”. Eyewitness indicates the upper edge of the cliff covered the miners.

P. S-Person Luke owoyesigire added “Our investigations will be focused on the owners of those plots for possible offenses of rash and negligence.” We observed that digging below a weak cliff puts the lives of the workers and the structures in the neighborhood at risk. They did not heed our advice,”.

Owoyesigyire’s statements indicate that the official sounded horns but the owners and workers didn’t pay attention to the warnings. Apparently the  bosses of the quarry are hiding after knowing what transpired.

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