TNS singer Kabako bitter, he survives jail.

Kabako in land wrangles.

Musician  Ssenabulya Yusuf publicly known as Roden Y kabako in unending trouble with  unidentified woman (Hajati) over land wrangles. The bitter battle between Kabako and Hajati sparked off last week over a portion of land  in Busabala.

Kabako who legally owns the land(he presented land credentials) the alleged plot (land) is 20-20 feet. He says that Hajat has no documentation that indicate her legal ownership over the land, the “Sitani tonkema” hit maker says he bought the land through his savings via his manager Jeff kiwa and later bought the land.

Notably, this incident led him into the kibiri police custody on June, 13, 2021 for a reasonable time, dressed in a blue shirt and black short, kabako supported by his baby mama Jazira Dumuna exchanged bitter words with Police officer amidst the residents. The dramatic moment was sparked off with allegations that a one chairman Ntuyo sides with the mysterious Hajat to unlawful win kabako’s property.

Kabako in his litany of expression, he says he has worked so hard for everything he has acquired, and he can not settle down and look on while the Chairman  is sidelining  with  “Land snatcher” (Hajati) to hijack his land.

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