Evidence of FDC vice president voting for the opposite presidential candidate have caused mixed reactions.

Joyce Ssebugwawo casting vote on 14th Jan 2021.

A Picture of Forum For Democratic Change (FDC)’s vice president Joyce Ssebugwawo has been circulating on social Media, in the picture that was taken on the 14th of January 2021 during the presidential elections, the Newly appointed ICT minister is seen ticking someone else and not the party candidate “Patrick Amuriat”, this is validated by the fact that FDC’s “POA” was the first candidate on the ballot paper.

During the elections period Joyce Ssebugwawo was the interim party president, but everyone is surprised as it’s self-evident that she didn’t vote for their own candidate, an action that is justified as enmity to the party, however, it’s not the first time FDC members turn their backs on their candidates, recently in the concluded Speakership polls, FDC fronted Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda also Kira municipality to battle Jacob Oulunya and the former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, it was to everyone’s surprise when Ssemujju only got 15 votes an indicator that even his own party members in the Parliament didn’t sideline with him.

It’s at this point that the Joyce Ssebugwawo’s ballot ticking picture has drawn the attention of people, an indicator that Hypocrism with in the FDC camp has escalated. Recently, H. E Yoweri kaguta Museveni appointed FDC vice president Joyce Ssebugwawo as the Minister for ICT, this has then caused divisions with in the FDC camp, as many asked her to drop the appointment however she has already agreed to the position.

The FDC founder Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye said that such people are always common in Uganda politics there are many key figures of opposition wing especially in his party that have abandoned the struggle for their personal benefits, but this act doesn’t stop the struggle from going on.

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