Ak47’s widow legalizes Rabadaba as her bonk mate in a scientific ceremony.

Rabadaba and his Wife Salha .

He who has found a wife has found a good thing”, a notion that has blessed faded artist  Faisal Sseguya aka “Rabadaba” who has  been introduced by Nalongo Maggie Salha Kiweesi at her parent’s home in Butamba — Katabi today 11th Jun 2021, In a ceremony that has contained a few close guests, smiles and excitement on the faces of everyone that has come along.

I met my wife at Mengo senior secondary school, I was her first boyfriend but like made us take different directions”- Rabadaba. Dressed in a white Gomesi, Maggie has been excited beyond limits for finally getting off the hook.

Maggie after losing her husband the late Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47, she has been relationship wise linked to singer and City Casanova Grenade official, City socialite Don Nasser  among others. For years Maggie had not come out to publicize her bonk mate, however, it has not surprised everyone to see the two in love. I’m in love with my man, I’m now Maggie Sseguya” — Nalongo Maggie said.

Recently Maggie converted to Islam an action that has been attached to the fact that Rabadaba is a Muslim, through she denied this with an argument that her converting was her personal decision, it’s not in any way, shape or form attached to her relationship. “Even if I die I will be buried as a Muslim, from childhood I’ve been admiring Muslim culture” -she stated.

Maggie and Rabadaba have now made it Official, and they’re looking forward to a better yielded marriage.

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