Mathias Mpuuga the leader of opposition.

New Leader of opposition in the 11th Parliament Mathias Mpuuga While speaking to the press on Monday 31st, may 2021  accused the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party of dishonesty.

 Mpuuga while speaking  alleges that the FDC are projecting the NUP camp as a target after failed attempts to win for positions of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament,
“I have never been part of any platform that ordered our members to vote for a particular candidate for Speaker. We had a liberal discussion about the possibilities, it didn’t make sense for us to order our members to vote anyone, FDC knows what happened and they are trying to go for the soft target which is NUP because I am sure they didn’t even get their own votes. They are trading intellectual dishonesty, Mpuuga said.

On record! FDC’s Ssemujju Scored 15 votes and Yusuf Nsibambi  only had 35 votes for the Deputy Speaker position, what begun as an inaudible war of accusation has turned out to be a public confrontation between the two parties.

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