Used and dumped, Lumumba bitter towards Kadaga.

Rebecca Kadaga former Speaker of Uganda Parliament.

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has lost to Jacobo Oulunya who has won the speakership elections in the 11th parliament of the Republic of Uganda,   The polls today have indicated the side of Party when it comes to Oulunya and Kadaga.

On Sunday, the National Resistance movement party’s Central excutive committee (CEC) endorsed Omoro County MP, Jacob Oulanyah over the 10-year Speaker Rebecca Kaddaga, an action that caused alot of echos on why she (Kadaga) wasn’t endorsed.

Notably, the NRM Secretary general Justine kasule Lumumba frankly said “The party gave you two terms as speaker and two terms as Speaker. In all the four times, you went in unopposed (in the party). If the party has taken a decision to endorse somebody else, in all fairness, don’t antagonize the party,”.

Her words clearly projected how Kadaga’s fate in the biggest seat in the Chamber room would be stepped on. Kadaga’s  decision to run as an independent indicated that she didn’t agree with the party’s decision Because she feels she’s better than Her former deputy that was fronted.

The big question is what’s next for Kadaga after her blood party shamefully abandoned her, she also now has no bargaining powers over few things. Oulunya is now set to be the Speaker of the 11th Parliament up to 2026.

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