Is Zaake interested in the leader of opposition in Parliament?.

Mityana Municipality Mp Francis Zaake.

Controversial Mityana Municipality Member of parliament (Mp) Francis Zaake Butebi has come out to trash and express his unhappiness over allegations of him wanting  the “Leader of Opposition”, position Simultaneously him also ordering the “rumors” in circulation  that he didn’t suggest or request anyone to black mail other people in favor.

“Whereas I am flattered by the support, have not solicited or sanctioned any such comments. Neither have I solicited anybody to blackmail nor attack any leader or institution to my advantage. I wouldn’t stoop that low! Like any other person, I have my weaknesses. But dishonesty and intrigue against fellow leaders, which I am now being accused of, are not one of them.” Zaake said.

59 National Unity platform (NUP) candidates  walked their way into the 11th parliament creating need for the leader of opposition!.

However, Zaake’s words and expressions seem to be sarcastic, on a crystal clear record, Zaake has been known for wanting to take part in parliamentary leadership it’s quite surprising when he is denying the alleged comments.

“We should not disrespect our Party leadership by trying to blackmail it into appointing people we imagine it may not appoint to serve in particular offices. We must trust its sense of judgement for the good of the struggle. It is on that note that I strongly condemn what comrade Nusifa Nakato” he further added.

A few of zaake’s struggle comrades (Shamim Malende, Ssegirinya Muhammad) have already acted contrary to the  struggle promises they made! An indicator that he is also most likely speaking with a sarcastic   tongue about his goals as the leader of opposition.

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