Ssegirinya vows to give his car allowance to Kawempe North people, “I’m here to save you”.

Muhammad Ssegirinya making the oath today as the kawempe North Mp in the 11th Parliament of Uganda.

Muhammad Ssegirinya Publically known “Mr update” finally swears in as Kawempe North constituency Member of parliament 2021-2026, he pledged to share his car allowance token with his voters.

Ssegirinya said, “I have a system in Kawempe called ‘SegiBox’ to give each and every family in my area Shs. 100,000 every month,” Ssegirinya said.

He further added  “I will be able to do that. That money of the car, I will not buy a car, I will continue using my car,” he said.

Ssegirinya gave an example of the French Revolution of 1789, saying that it happened because of the extravagance of Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, who he says that were enjoying unrealistic benefits at the expense of the citizens.

In a media talk, Ssegirinya said that he has an ongoing campaign where he seeks to make sure that each family in Kawempe gets a taste of his car allowance as part of his give back and promise to the voters who blindly trusted him to the Parliament.

They were busy buying expensive cars when their people were suffering with poor health, poor education etc. I don’t what to be like that, that’s why I have decided to donate the 200 million for the car to the people of Kawempe.”

The promise from the new man in parliament came following the fact that each MP is expected to receive over Shs 200 million to buy a car.

However, Ssegirinya also brought it to the public’s attention  that he is still suffering from complications that he sustained from Kitalya Prison.

Before his ill condition, Mr Update, was intercepted at Mini Price in downtown Kampala as he attempted to lead a protest demanding for the release of NUP supporters being detained.  Later he alleged to have been poisoned, in a video that made rounds online! Muhammad cried out to his fans to pray for him.

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