Vedeo: A Rastafarian joins Ugandan parliament and swears in Rastafarian style.

John Musila Mp Bubulo East

The swearing-in of the Members of parliament (Mp) of the eleventh parliament of Uganda was covered by fun and comedy. Various MPs showcased unique celebration moves and others made it a fashion day. However, John Musila, Mp-elect of Bubulo East constituency, Namisindwa district aroused the attention of the public when he swore in a Rastafarian style.

Rastafarian Mp revealed how he believes in “Jah” which means God, and he is a Christian with a Rastafarian doctrine. “An English man says “God”, Swahili people call him “Mungu”, Arabs call him “Allah” and we “Rasta’s” call him “Jah” but we all mean “one” the Almighty”. Musila said.

Musila says that the Rastafarian religion originated from “Nyabinji”, and they’re termed as “Binji Rastas”, he continued and said that he is willing to make the parliament adopt the Rastafarian keywords such as jah which are commonly used while swearing in.

The first Rastafarian Mp to join the parliament of Uganda said that the people that voted for him know his Rastafarian doctrines, and he is proud that it is the only religion in Africa that has ever crossed the continent now in Some European countries and South America.

Here is the video.

Mp forced to repeat swearing in after swearing in Rastafarian style.
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