Kulthum Muzaata, the late Sheihk Muzaata’s widow graduates with a PhD.

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata

When we talk about Kulthum Nabunya most of you won’t instantly comprehend who we mean until we add the name of the famous fallen sheikh known as” Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata”. Kuluthum Muzaata the widow of the late Sheikh  Muzaata was so excited today May, 18, when she was graduating with a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in education management from Makerere University.

Kulthum praised people that have helped her to succeed in education, most especially her late husband “Sheikh Muzaata”, Hajj BMK, and her parents that wanted her to study since her childhood, unfortunately they passed away. “I would feel extra excited if my parents were still alive to witness my success in education and hold my degrees” she added.

The Bugema university lecture majored in education management, and she managed to attain the honor of Doctor in education system, she revealed how she is a bright lady that is why she managed to balance marriage, working and studying at the same time. She has studied PhD for 3 years, 2 years attending classes and a year conducting research where Dr. Hilary Mukwenda and Dr. Robert Kyaligonza were her supervisors.

Her graduation party will be on Sunday May, 23 at her home located in Kawempe.

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