Mubende municipality receives 14 billion UGX for municipal roads’ renovation.

Mubende Municipality

Mubende municipality has received money worth 14 billion Uganda shillings to reconstruct roads that are in poor conditions in the municipality, the first target roads that are unpleasant include kasaana road, Kabalega road, Rubanga road and second link.

The contract of this project was secured in March of this year but there has been a delay of two months, the Chinese contractors are expected to construct modernized roads with roadside lights and excavate modern tranches for water system.

According to the deputy town clerk Mr. Frank Mpewo this project is anticipated to be accomplished in 18 months, to perform this successfully, contractors have been requested to as well work at night when businesses are closed as the town is not busy.

Mr. Mpewo went on and said that a committee for monitoring and reporting complaints of unfavorable working conditions such as stealing of materials and poor quality has been put in place. This is to ensure that the traders who pay tax get good quality roads and enjoy the fruits of their taxes. “We request people to welcome this project because it’s going to be a positive one”. He added.

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