Jacob Oulanya and Kadaga in panic, NRM’s CEC to decide who to front as the speaker Candidate.

Jacob Oulanya and Rebecca Kadaga

The inaudible lull battle between Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kaddaga and her Deputy Jacobi oulanya  is still at a stand still but to be ended soon. However, the newly elected President of the Republic of Uganda and National Resistance Movement (NRM) party chairman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  suspended the open campaigns inference to the speakerahip race,  Mr Museveni, directed that it will be the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) to decide who will carry the party’s flag for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker Positions.

Kaddaga the fishy Potential icon in the race. She has been the speaker of the Parliament since 19th may 2011. Born may, 24th 1956(64), Kadaga is known for her unmatched neutral personality when it comes to truth and justice issues. However this time round her very own party member and Deputy Jacob Olulanya came out.

The roots,

Ms Kadaga, earlier on branded Mr Oulanyah a coward, accusing him of hiding when the issues of editing presidential age limits in the Constitution came up in 2017. “First, it started when I was out of the country, I was in America, then on my way back, I stopped in the UK. The Teso [Iteso] had invited me with their king [chief] to speak to [the Iteso] in the diaspora. While I was there, my deputy rang me, ‘come back since you know there is something which I can’t handle.’ — Kadaga. This indicated Jacob’s inability to handle issues that are critical, a case Kadaga holds onto that she is a class far better than him.

What’s Next!

Following The “NRM” party chairman’s suggestion, the decisions can be made when NRM’s “Central Executive Committee” (CEC) has more than 20 members but the party’s constitution says nine elected members of CEC can form quorum to decide a contentious matter, meaning Mr Museveni (National chairman), Mr Moses Kigongo (first vice chairperson), Ms Kadaga (second vice-chairperson), Singh Katongole (vice chairperson, Kampala, Mr Oulanyah (Vice chairperson, Northern Uganda), Chris Baryomunsi (vice Chairperson, western Uganda) Mike Mukula (vice chairperson, Eastern region) Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi (vice chairperson, Buganda region) and Simon Peter Aleper (vice chairperson, Karamoja region), can decide on who will be Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The reason CEC is likely to intervene to have the status quo maintained since the party has already ruffled enough feathers and not set for further loopholes and blows. In 2016, it took the intervention of the NRM’s CEC to convince Oulanyah to step down for Kadaga.

The NRM party will in due time Present it’s candidates fit for both Speaker and deputy speaker position, however, this will not translate into the expected harmony since on average the status quo seems to be maintained as all angles indicated Kadaga to be fronted.

Kira municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju is  also keeping the feet on the Gus peddle giving a  healthy and tense competition to the yellow party.

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