1000 Billion Uganda shillings to be spent on 12 oil roads.

In 2018 the government of Uganda instructed Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to construct 12 roads that connect to the oil refinery found in Hoima. Uganda discovered 6.5 billion barrels of proved crude oil reserves, about 2.2 billion recoverable. The government tasked UNRA to construct 14 roads that will facilitate the project such as transportation of the oil.

According to the head of department of roads and bridges in UNRA Eng. Samuel Muhoozi, by 2022 12 oil roads of 700 kilometers will be completed and 1 trillion Uganda shillings is expected to be spent on this project, the tarmac roads to be constructed include Hoima — Butiaba –Wanseko 111 km, Masindi — Biiso 54Km, Masindi — Bugungu via Murchison falls 80 km, Hohwa — Nyayirongo — Kyaruhesha 25 km, Rusaalira — Nkonge — Sembabule 97 km, Wanseko — Bugungu 25 km, Buhimba — Nalweeyo — Kakumiro — Kakindu 93 km, Kabaale — Kiziramfubi 30 km, Bugungu — Bulisa 29 km, Tangi junction — Paraa 22 km, Kabwoya — Kahuuka 43 km, Karugutu — Ntoroko via Semulik 55 km.

Eng. Muhoozi said that in order to ease the work their strategy was to begin with bottleneck areas which included swamps, rocks, and bridges. “The facilitation of the production is running smoothly and by 2022 all the roads will be done and handled over to the government whether oil will be ready or not” Eng. Muhoozi added.  

UNRA executive director Allen Kagina said that the group of people that is working on this project is highly skilled and their own people also work on this project so that there can be skills transfer.

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