Tooro princess Ruth Komuntale off the hook by an American Dj.

Princess Ruth Komuntale of Toro Kingdom walked down the aisle with fiance Anthony Phil in America earlier today. Phil aka DJ Dutty Phil is an IT engineer and also earned himself a kitooro pet name, Amooti.Komuntale’s brother, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru and mother flew out of the country a week ago to be part of the ceremonies.

Anthony Phil, who according to his Instagram profile is an IT engineer but also doubles as a DJ, with DJ Durty Phil as his stage name is the new man in the brown Princess’ life. Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale has over time thrown hints here and there about her relationship becoming official with American fiance, Anthony Phil.

princess Ruth Komuntale and Phil.

When Komuntale met her now husband, the couple’s relationship has seemingly since looked healthy, growing from photoshoots that the princess posts on her Instagram, an engagement, messages of romance and support shared between the couple and now a wedding.

Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale was born in 1989, in Fort Portal, Uganda to the late King Patrick Olimi Kaboyo II and Queen Best Kemigisa. Ruth Komuntale attended Pointers Elementary school in the UK and was also educated at Aga Khan Primary School in Kampala, Uganda.

Princess Ruth Komuntale was previously married to an African-American businessman Thomas. The two tied the knot on November 17, 2012. Christopher is a Missouri native and was a graduate of an American University in Washington D.C.

In a statement she said. “I could go on and on about how Chris physically and emotionally tormented me. I am so ashamed to mention all the things he has put me through, but it is about time everyone knows the truth. I have suffered in silence long enough, and I am tired. 

Furthermore, I tried to save my marriage numerous times and forgave all his transgressions in vain. Furthermore, I have also worked extremely hard to keep my private life to myself, and avoid making a public spectacle, but I have been left with no choice but to come out and tell the whole truth.

Due to the continuous abuse I have endured in my marriage,  I told Chris we needed a break from our relationship until I could be certain I will never be physically or emotionally abused again. Chris responded by going into a rage, threatened to destroy my reputation and that of my family unless I stayed with him. He gave me an ultimatum to change my mind in five minutes, or he would publically humiliate me, but I refused to give in to his usual controlling tricks”.

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