Shocking reasons why Paul Kagame turned down Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

Museveni and Kagame in South Africa. photo by PPU.

East Africa: Several Heads of state landed into Uganda in Honoring the invitation in relation to the inaugural ceremony of H. E YK Museveni Tibuhaburwa on May, 12 2021 at Kololo Independence grounds.

The event attracted the attention of the public however some of the guests that were invited “bounced” the invitation.

It’s such a shocker that H. E Paul Kagame of The Republic of Rwanda didn’t turn up. His absence at the ceremony has echoed a lot and also leaving questions if he deliberately intended to miss, or he didn’t!. It’s on record that Uganda and Rwanda had a tension which also led to the closure of the Uganda-Rwanda border. Frosty relations between the two countries became more pronounced in February 2019, when Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda and issued a travel advisory strongly warning its citizens against traveling to Uganda.

Following accusations that both sides were seeking to destabilise the other through the support of rebel groups and mistreatment of citizens, the border was temporarily closed since in february.

Recently President Kagama said that they have built a strong foundation to the extent that there’s no any enemy that can penetrate into into their country. He went on and said that he stayed and worked with the country in North “Uganda” but he has totally failed to analyze their problems, this indicates missunderstanding between the two countries.

Hopes of resolving the spat were restored when the presidents met in Luanda in a summit facilitated by Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The summit was followed by two more in the Angolan capital and the latest meeting at Gatuna where they signed memorandum of understanding (MoU), which committed both parties to release imprisoned citizens, refrain from supporting destabilising groups and create a commission to monitor the implementation of the agreement. 

H. E Paul kagame’s absence at the ceremony allegedly indicate the inaudible continued distrust. However, everyone is in anticipation of a clear explanation on why A brother would miss out on Museveni’s Swearing-in darling ceremony.

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