Dare to do any function on May 12th and rot from prisons, Police warns NUP ahead of swearing in ceremony.

Security deployed at NUP headquarter Kamwookya.

National unity platform (Nup) party declared May, 12 2021 as a black day in Uganda and urged all its members to put on black attires and go to the party headquarter for prayers and fasting.

Through its speaker and Nakawa East Mp-Elect Mr.Joel Ssenyonyi, said that as Kaguta Museveni will be swearing in as the 10th president of Uganda for them, they will be at Kamwookya praying  and mourning for their motherland. Senyonyi went on said that it is going to be a sad day because the incumbent rigid the votes Bobi wine is the true elected president of Uganda.

 However, the vice spokesperson of police in Kampala Luke Owoyesigyire has warned them and said that no any other function shall be allowed in Uganda, their actions shall lead them into troubles President Museveni shall be swearing-in as the president of Uganda at kololo grounds the function that is opposed by Nup claiming that Museveni rigid votes.

Security personals were deployed at Bobi wines home located in Magere and his beach at Busabala a head of swearing in ceremony, Police says that Bobi wine is an important figure in the country, so he needs a tight security.

Earlier today police went early in the morning to put Bobi wine on home arrest, but they found when he had already left.


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