My family is in danger “BBS journalist cries out.

BBS TV News anchor Batte Sesanga.

Yesterday May 10th, 2021 at around 20:00hrs, a Face book post Came out from a one Ssesanga Batte” indicating that his family was in danger. 

The News anchor at the Massengere based station didn’t add more details on what clearly transpired however, his fellow workmate culton scovia Nakamya said “Our colleague Ssesanga Batte left office after anchoring 7pm Gambuzze news. We can only see this post on his page, unfortunately his phones are unreachable. Batte had earlier on capture the security deployment at kyagulanyi’s housed” -Culton said via the post.

Ssessanga Batte is now among the Journalists who have faced security threats following his former friend and workmate “Gerald katumba” who was allegedly being hunted down by the security.

For now no security organ has come out to claim responsibility over the incident. Apparently while culton said “He had covered the kyagulanyi security deployment” this makes Batte’s incident valid.

Speculations have escalated that the coverage might have been the issue to cause Batte all this.

The BBS Journalist has not come out to talk to the media about what exactly transpired.

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