Mr. Updates shocks haters as his name appears on the list of the 11th parliament.

Bobi Wine and Muhammad Ssegirinya

Kawempe North Mp-Elect Mr. Muhammad Ssegirinya who is currently on medications in United States of America has appeared on the list of the eleventh parliament of Uganda.

Ssegirinya also known as Mr. Updates was taken to US for proper medication following his sickness he suffered after being released on bail from Kitalya prison where he had spent 14 days on cases of inciting violence in Kampala.

The controversial comic politician hasn’t convinced one of his previous opponents in the elections Sulaiman Kiddandala about the concerns of his academic documents. Kiddandala filed a petition before the High Court claiming that Ssegirinya’s academic papers were invalid and he doesn’t qualify for the seat, he will be shocked after seeing Ssegirinya’s name on the list of Mps who are waiting for the swearing in day.

However, the committee which is responsible for the swearing in has urged him and others who are sick to write to them officially explaining the reasons why they may not make it to the swearing in ceremony which is likely to take place next week.

All MP-Elect are subjected to go to the parliament and get official letters that allow them to swear in as the eleventh members of parliament. In a way to overpower covid-19 the committee has ordered all MPs to go with only two people during swearing in, unless one is disabled and requires more attention.

You can check your Mp from here list of the members of the eleventh parliament of Uganda.

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