Golola Moses appears on a live Tv show with a jug of porridge.

A talkative and a renowned Ugandan kick boxer Golola Moses expressed his love for porridge when he came along with a jug of oetmeal (porridge) on a TV show. Golola who was at TV show known as “Eyes On You” that runs every Saturday on Abs TV and hosted by Ssemakula Soda amused people especially his fans when he said that porridge is better than women because it cannot betray him.

Golola Who had come to advertise and make awareness of his academy “GOLOLA TALENT ACADEMY” and to promote his national talent search dubbed as “Onaweza”. Ssemakula jokingly asked him whether he had moved along with porridge since he is addicted to it, Golola proved his porridge addiction and his jug was not far, he had to eat his porridge live on the show.

Through his academy “GOLOLA SOCCER ACADEMY “Golola is ready to help the young generation with talent, so that Uganda can also bring Olympic medals in Uganda. Here is the video.

Golola Moses eating porridge live on a TV show.
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