“They Want Me To Die Like A Church Mouse”, Bobi Wine Claims The State Is Behind His Magere Land Wrangles.

Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu commonly known as “Bobi Wine” allegedly indicated that the government is behind the land wrangles in relation to his Magere based home. In a statement, Kyagulanyi said that government is doing everything to make sure he is left with peanuts.

“There is nothing they will not do. Although I have owned land in Magere, Kamwokya, and Busabala for over a decade, it was only when I declared intentions to challenge the despot that they filed all manner of bogus cases against me in relation to all these properties, ”he wrote.

The former presidential candidate issued out his concerns shortly after a one “Justine Nakamatte Namusisi” went  to courts of law seeking to evict “Bobi Wine” and other 2,000 neighbors on grounds that  they are illegally occupying her land. Despite the fact  Bobi wine has owned the land over 10years.

Recently the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) recalled Bobi Wine’s armored car Toyota V8 Land Cruiser and launched investigations on ground how it was cleared as an ordinary car without knowing that it was an armored and subjected him to pay tax of 300 million shillings which he rejected through his lawyers.

Kyagulanyi has been in court recently with his election petition where he left saying the Judicial sector might not offer a fair ruling. The NUP leader was also stopped from performing his songs since he had failed to separate Music from politics.

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