The power of togetherness.

By Tim Mugisha

World: Experiences are often truly observed from combination of more than one hand in performance, and that’s when one can notice that there’s expertise in a deal.
There’s no way a mind can think of innovation but minds can renovate and innovate anything as far as globe development is concerned. Therefore, it can be better if low developed nations join hands befriend most developed ones in away

to make a deep wider room of togetherness to achieve gradual goals .honestly speaking and typing ink mark here on a small paper the bias we had always had that in low developed countries there are no experts, that’s not true but the truth should be revealed upon to the little amazing things that are on trend in less developed countries.

“I may not appear in the nuclear age but I may be the best in computer generation ” so, it’s my request , I call upon togetherness and collaboration of all the people in the world at no cost but wholly hearted to join hands together, share different technological ideologies to the greater heights for the better of one another.

Poverty seems to be a disease in various poor countries especially African countries though they own resources and materials in quantity and of good quality but poverty, but lack experts for specific industries for processing the precious stone lay in their hands. And to the greater extent, experts are few but all in all if the head accepts requests from other body parts the bond created is unbreakable. In a blink of an eye, low developed countries lose millions of people in a single day just because the doctors who are experts in health and healthy products are very few to boast health standards and are not well paid.

But I think it’s good for you and I if we act as brothers and sister and expertise of production of materials and professionalism as well. Nevertheless the spirit of togetherness as experts were lagged behind in the past years, it can be promoted thus quenching that biased desperacy of no expertise in less developed nations.

Let’s collaborate and be experts for life not for days and hours, let’s build the bridges not walls. Hard work pays if strength and one’s principles and goals are maintained and propelled thus leading for remedy of our reputation. WE’RE ONE.

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